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Dare not Walk Alone

...Dare Not Walk Alone is not your typical civil rights film. This is a fresh take on the subject, not civil rights like they teach it in school. The LA Times described this feature-length documentary as a "powerful slice of roiling American history." And now it is available on DVD from stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon.com, FYE, and Movies Unlimited. You can also get it on Netflix.

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Directed by Jeremy Dean, Dare Not Walk Alone mixes rare news footage from 1964 with present day testimony to document the untold story of a war of wills and ideals waged not in Alabama or Georgia or Mississippi but Florida. Before Disneyworld, the biggest tourist attraction in Florida was St. Augustine, and this is where African-Americans and their allies in the white community put their lives on the line to force the passage of the first civil rights act.

Set to a soundtrack that flows from gospel to hip hop, the film places the heroic sacrifices of the past in the context of present day struggles in a community that epitomizes what Senator Barack Obama has called "the gap between the promise of our ideals and the reality of their time."

"PACKS A PUNCH"  ~~ L.A. Weekly

"Powerful slice of roiling American history"
     ~~ The Los Angeles Times

"Mesmerizing and heart-rending" ~~ L.A. City Beat

"Has great potential to do real good in the world"
    ~~ Boxoffice Magazine

"More than just another civil-rights history lesson"

    ~~ Film Journal


Aaron Mesh, Willamette Week

The most gritty version of civil rights history I've ever seen.
    ~~ Peter Miller, Co-producer Ken Burns' Jazz

Summary: In an emotional march from past to present, set to a sound track that flows from gospel to hip-hop, Dare Not Walk Alone champions the heroes of the 60’s without shying away from the struggles that still remain. In the end we see signs of hope and reconciliation and are challenged to take the next step forward. More...

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